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Facebook Memories-A Circle of Friends

Exactly eleven years ago today. I had a celebration called A Circle of Friends. This is a bittersweet memory. But I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summer evening; the city was bustling with tourists and natives. It was a day to honor my friends, to love on them, to show them how thankful I was for their presence in my life. A day to celebrate them.

I remember the moment I thought of this idea to celebrate my friends. It was going to be epic. I remember the thought process, planning and preparation that went into this manifestation. Looking for the most elegant backdrop for the invitation to mail. I pondered over the words, the attire, and the music. I finally settled on the entire being sassy, swagger chic. Every song was selected with my friends in mind. I chose all the songs and words with care.

Six months of searching for the right Venue, one that was conducive to the atmosphere of intimacy and intrigue. I selected an upscale yet urban restaurant. This was just the beginning of the process. I needed to think of all the gifts and trinkets that would represent my love and appreciation. Each Lady and Gentlemen had a different gift.

I spent weeks of writing personalized poems and making place cards for seating arrangements. The details of engravings and gift wrapping ensued. The online ordering, the many trips to different stores looking for the perfect items that reflected my heart. I included a program for everyone announcing the events of the evening.

The week of the event I was praying for good weather and safe travels for each of them. I didn’t want anyone to get sick or have to cancel. I had worked hard to create an experience for my friends that would be unforgettable.

The day of the event I lamented over the drive into the city, street parking, fighting the traffic and the anxiety of not having everyone's presents, place card or program. Did I have all the decorations? Where were the extra bottles for the toasting? Was the room ready for me to enter to set up? I arrived two hours early to just set the room, to bless the atmosphere so that each of my friends would feel the love and care I had intended. I carried all the boxes, bags, and bottles down the busy city streets, praying I didn’t drop or break anything.

As I touched based with the staff of the Venue on the specifics of timing to serve dinner, the bottles for the toast and the timing of the billing. I was also checking in on my friends' ETA's and giving last minute directions to the destinations.

As my heart raced with anticipation and I did the final touches on the place settings and decorations, I calmed the butterflies in my stomach. I rehearsed the words of accolades and love in my head. I made sure I had unique words for each of them.

As I stood at the entrance to the private room that was hand-picked for its natural lighting and ambience. It happened; my first Honoree arrived. As I greeted her with hug and a kiss, I escorted her to her seat. I was reassured with the excitement and smile on her face that all the work, weeks of preparation, late nights of writing & rewriting was all worth it. The celebration of a Circle of Friends was a dream come true.

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