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*Clarion Call*

Hey #Stormchasers I love you all, but this is specifically to my #White #Caucasian #AngloSaxon Stormchasers.

I have tried to make a video all day and for whatever reason I was unable to make the video and it may be for the best. I don't want you to get distracted by my emotions, my surroundings I just want you to see my words and feel my heart.

I'm sure you are quite aware of all the activities that have been happening within the last 6 to 7 days if you're not aware, then either you are choosing to ignore it or you're in some remote location where there is no satellite but I'm sure that you are very much aware just as I am aware.

I want to appeal to you. I need you to talk with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your counter parts and have the deep conversations-have the meaningful conversations. Explore your issue with people that are of non-white descent


Where I come from, we have deep conversations about all issues. We dig deep to find out the underlining issues and then we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for whatever our part is or was in the situation and/or the circumstance. #deepdive

I need you to be aware that when you see looting and rioting it is a #scream that signals for help. My community is tired, hurt, disappointed, frustrated, outright exhausted. Our words, our praying, our marching, our protesting has somehow fallen on deaf ears, blind eyes, and closed hearts. I'm appealing to you because you are my supporters, you work with me, you live in the same community as I do, but yet there is a deep rooted issue for my people as it relates to your people.

I do not know what your hatred is that is what I'm asking you to do? I do not know why you are so terrified by people who look like me. You are intimated by the melanin that is in my skin that is reflected by the Sun. But I need you to honor the reflection of the Son that's in and on my life.

I was raised in a household with a moral foundation and a spiritual foundation and both of those were built on love. I was not taught hatred. I was not taught bias. I was not even taught prejudice, so it makes it very difficult when I see the systematic disregard for the lives of my people. I continuously show compassion and show empathy for human kind but it is difficult when the lives of my people are being caught off too soon.

I'm asking you to talk to your families, to train your children; teach them how to honor and respect ALL life. I need you to speak up. I need you to talk to your family. I need you to talk to your friends it seems that you have influence, affluence, and power to bring about change. We all live here in America she's the land of the free and the home of the brave please do not misunderstand me, America is not without fault but in order to fix America we have to fix ourselves.

I need you to stop just looking at the news I need you to just stop saying “oh I'm so sorry that happened” I need you to talk to your leaders to put pressure on them. This is totally unacceptable we cannot have systematic intentional murders, unintentional murders of one group of people generation after generation.

I need you to understand that because my people are so tired and so disappointed is very difficult for them to express themselves hence you have situations like looting and rioting. I do not condone that behavior, however I understand it.

I need you to talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to your leaders and your colleagues and please insist that they stop killing my people. I am assisting in the raising of a 13-year-old chocolate handsome young man.

I have very intelligent, well educated, well dressed men in my life. I have a father and I have friends who are black is not about their education. It's not about where they come from, matter of fact, they are very well educated, disciplined, articulated, well respected and respectful men and most of them are millionaires this is not about what they've accomplished in life this is simply about allowing them to keep of their LIFE.

I have the luxury of having men and women in my life who have come from the eras of segregation, #JimCrow laws,, working in the fields, having dogs released on them, fire hoses sprayed on them. I come from a rich and good stock of people who have marched, who have stood for #justice for all people who have sat in where there was wrong, who have stood up where there was wrong.

I'm calling on you my #whitesisters my and #whitebrothers to stand up to speak up to make a difference to have the conversations, deal with whatever your deep seated issues are, it's not fair it's not right how much more blood do you want on your hands.

Your children and their children will continue to reap the harvest of the generational curses that you keep passing down to them. I ask you to please deal with the issue, the why, the when and the who so that you can get a resolve to the how and the where.

I do not hunt down your children. I do not hunt down your husband. I do not hunt down your father. Yet you are still hunting down my children, my husband, and my father. Why?

I need you to hear my heart this is not a verbal attack. This simply, is my pleading with you. I need you to have the conversation to resolve the issue and somehow make it right. I know our #justicesystem is broken but I guarantee you, if you would begin to talk to your fellow counterparts and demand action who look just like you things will begin to change immediately.

We are the human race there's nothing more stronger then the will of a man. Just recently the rocket took off and went into space. We are struggling to get along yet in outer space you have to prominent enemies that a sharing living quarters on the #spacestation Americans and Russians and you're telling me that you as my neighbor cannot have empathy for me? You cannot have love for me? You cannot I have respect for my life. How is it that, in space and beyond humans are getting along yet here on Earth in the land of the free and the home of the brave we cannot live peaceably?

I refuse to give up hope. The God I serve is a just God, He’s a holy God, He’s a righteous God and because I serve him I still extend mercy, grace and love to your families and I'm asking for the same.

Have the conversations that are needed to get the resolves that you need begin to train your children and teach them in love to respect all life. Do it quick, fast and in a hurry so that we all can live in America peaceably.

I hope that you have heard my heart. My tears, my protests, my marching, my songs has not been enough my community needs you to step up, to speak up and to stand for #Justice for all.

I love you with a love of the Lord you be well. Please start to do right towards my people and towards humanity.


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