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A Glimpse of Calamity

It’s Deep Thought Thursdays…Let me say I’ve missed you all. I hope this commentary finds you and your families doing well.

While we are all in various stages of social distancing, quarantining, cabin fever and the like I’ve been pondering some thoughts. I wanted to share with you.

I’m sure you have possibly had the very same thoughts. It is rare that we ALL are experiencing a moment in time simultaneously. Times of crises and calamity are not foreign to people but rather they happen in intervals where others can process and assist when needed.

In a situation such as this we all are processing together and trying to figure out what are the best ways to help each other. It is like the emergency instructions on an airplane, “put your oxygen mask on first before you try to help others.” Who feels the need for more oxygen right about now?

Humanity has gone through adversities and challenges before, in this present time I would like to admonish you in thinking about an era of history where the present situation may have overlap and similarities.

If you are home with your children, this might be a great exercise to do with them particularly if you are in a multi-generational household.

Start a dialogue and reflect with each other, I would be very interested in hearing some of your thoughts and conversations.

In the meantime, here are a few observations I have made and have been bantering with others regarding this glimpse of calamity.


  1. God loves me beyond measure. He is my source and protector.

  2. Fear & anxiety are quick to come and try to shake you from what you believe and know.

  3. In the moment of crisis there's always innovation that is born.

  4. The burden of being a family is absorbed by your community services-- schooling, recreational centers, gym facilities and your offices. (Realization)

  5. Now that we are forced to slow down you can get the well needed rest you've been desiring.

  6. Clearly people weren't doing what they were taught to do from preschool learn from Fat Albert “Soap and water your toothbrush and your comb you should learn to use them or you’ll you stand alone.”(This was probably the most amusing thought)

  7. Don't spend all your resources. (Be wise, you will live beyond this time)

  8. Staying engaged is key to your well-being. Do not isolate too long.

  9. Every stage of your life has benefits. Whether you are single or married think about the advantages you are experiencing.

  10. In crisis, crime doesn’t seem to be a priority or an interest. Is crime still happening and/or are we not hearing the reports or has a moratorium taken place? Just a thought.

Those were some immediate observations and thoughts I had, I’m sure when this is all over with, I will have more observations for us to discuss. Until then I want all my #Stormchasers to be safe and continue to stay engaged with humanity in a cautious yet loving manner.

Stay calm, trust God and use wisdom. #ThisTooShallPass

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