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It's All About Me

It’s all about me, how many times are you subliminally told daily and how many times do we tell it to ourselves? I know you are probably saying “I don’t do that “but before you get to settled on that notion, let’s listen to our self-talk. “It’s my day”, I’m going to just do me”, “I got to take care of me” oh here’s my favorite “I need some me time.”

Listen there’s nothing wrong with “me” time. The time we take for ourselves is great to rejuvenate, replenish, rest, restore and reflect. We just can’t stay there too long with it. Me time helps us to get back on track for others.

I was driving along one day thinking when is it ever going to be about me? God kindly said to me, it was about you long before you were born. And I was puzzled because I was like God I wouldn’t have known that then, exactly that was His point. Our lives aren’t really our own ninety percent of what we experience, endure and encounter is always for someone else. The percentage may vary depending on what you are doing. It may be higher or less.

When you really think about it the thought is quite unsettling because you and I both have been thinking our lives are our personal lives and it’s to do whatever we desire with it in theory yes and no. I know we just finished up Women’s History Month a few days ago, but women are the perfect examples of always doing for others. They are mothers, wives, administrative support, helpers, problem solvers and so much more. They are always trying to make it better for someone else.

I wanted to dig deeper into this because if in fact this is the case that we are always doing something for someone else the feeling of being used and abused will begin to settle in and it will literally kick you into this mode of “I’m not doing anything for anyone”. I decided to flip it and think back to what God had said to me when He allowed His son to die for me before I had any knowledge of it. It was so that I could eventually use my life to do the same in helping someone else before they knew it.

Mothers and fathers prepare a life for their children by selecting homes and neighborhoods that will be conducive to raising children. Employees solve issues and make decisions for their managers that makes the office run smooth. Employers set up policies, procedures and benefits that will help employees long before they arrive to a job.

Good Samaritans pick up trash, clean up behind themselves, warn people of possible dangers ahead, yield for others in traffic, kindly give extra change in the change trays to help if needed. Leaders step up and take on injustices and hold the front lines of both verbal and physical warfare. The military and law enforcement sacrifice their lives for the protection of others daily. If you think about everyone and their positions, roles and jobs it’s being done to make someone else’s life better.

I know you are saying, Storm, nope I do everything just for ME, MYSELF and I. I’m not thinking about nobody else. Yes, again in theory it does feel like it’s a selfish act but consider this, you work and make a good living so that your family is provided for and they live well. You became an entrepreneur to create services, products and entertainment for others to enjoy.

Someone is waiting and depending on your presence, your input, your contribution, your companionship, your kind words, your encouragement and your story. The moment you and I come out of the selfish state of “it’s all about me” you will realize it’s not about us but rather it’s about what you are doing for someone else before they even know it.

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