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P.M.S—What is it Good For?!?!

Warning: If you are squeamish and sensitive to the raw talk of female issues this is where you might want to stop reading and we will catch you on the next deep thought. Okay you decided to stay, so buckle up and hold on tight this is going to be a bumpy ride but it’s my hope that we come out together on the other side.

In honor of Women’s History Month I thought it would be befitting to have a thought about women, I must admit it’s not our usual thinking but there’s nothing usual about any of our deep thoughts.

PMS, premenstrual syndrome medically exists, you are not crazy. People have viciously called you that and although at times you feel like it yourself. You ARE NOT. You are not the “Evilene” or female dog they call you. Even though you just yelled at your children harshly, you probably said six or seven choice words to your spouse and you just sat there and ate the entire pint of Breyers by yourself. You are NOT crazy.

Your body is simply doing what it was designed to do. I know you are saying “but I just cried at the Google commercial with the cutest little baby in it and now I’m hot while everyone else in the house is freezing.” It’s okay, during PMS your body has a flood of hormones from estrogen to testosterone. Your Ph balance is unstable. Your sensitivity to everything is heightened.

Sometimes you find yourself hating the very breath your spouse breathes you are annoyed at the smallest things. If someone chews too loud you’re mad, if the kids aren’t getting dressed for school fast enough you’re fussing and to make it worse you just put on your favorite dress and it feels like you are a beach ball. You aren’t imagining these things you are really experiencing what some may call an outer body experience. You just looked in the mirror to see if you recognized your own self.

Where’s the levity in all of this, the harsh reality is society has been very cruel to you because they just didn’t understand what in the world was happening to you some have even had the audacity to say this is the reason why “we can’t have a woman for president, she is too emotional.” LOL!!! Yes we can laugh together on this one, considering we currently have a president with the temperament of a seven year old.

Ladies, ladies, ladies all of ages either you have been there, in it now or you are on your way there. The weeping, cramping, bloating, fatigue, irritability, night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, food cravings, stress, fluctuating libidos, and mood swings etc. You get the point. It is out of your control however it is manageable. Yes there is hope for us.

The key to managing this evil straight from the pit of Hades first starts with educating yourself on who you are as a female species from the very beginning when God created us He did something very unique with us. He didn’t allow man to be involved no more than to provide a bone to get him started.

How do I educate myself, I’m so glad you asked there are a myriad of books, magazines, essays and websites loaded with information on PMS and its effects on your life. Also educate yourself by talking with health professionals find you a good doctor that does not mind spending extra time with you to help to understand the complexities of your make-up.

Once you have educated yourself on YOU, share. Share what you know with your loved ones and spouses so that they can be better prepared in assisting you in managing this thing. It’s takes a team on this matter. I know I hear you already saying the last person I want to talk to is a man about PMS. I share your sentiments however it will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Be proactive, calculate your cycle even if you have to get an App to help you DO IT. This will help you to know when you are heading towards PMS. This is how you get ahead of that outrageous eating. I can’t even begin to explain to you why French fries and all things crunchy are the highest on your list of cravings. I can explain why chocolate and cookie dough ice cream tastes even sweeter. There’s nothing concrete other than its salty, sweet and comforting and who doesn’t want comfort during PMS. Frankly you would much rather leave your body for a few days and come back to pick it up when PMS has gone.

Hydrate yourself I cannot stress the importance of drinking plenty of water it will help you, I know you are saying I’m already bloated I don’t need anything else to make more water weight gain happen. Trust me on this the more water you have the better chance you give your body to help it flush out the toxins and it helps your skin. I know you hate when your face looks like a thirteen year old. Water helps.

And lastly rest, get enough sleep. As a woman you are hard wired on over thinking and over working your mind. Get you some essential oils like lavender, peppermint and tea tree these oils can be found in different forms like sprays for your linens or oils for burning this will help you to calm your mind and get the much needed sleep that your body so desperately needs.

PMS is ugly and down-right disrespectful it comes to you unannounced and expects you to embrace it with open arms. By no means am I suggesting you to embrace it but I am submitting to you to embrace a new thought process an approach to the inevitable.

Good news there is relief in the release and when it happens you better do your happy dance and take advantage. When your body does what it has to do naturally, you now mentally combat and celebrate. Take a trip to the spa, steal a moment to yourself to reflect I don’t care if it’s ten minutes you take it. Why? Again glad you asked, take the moment because you need to reflect on how phenomenal you are as a WOMAN.

You can take PMS and still be CEO of your company, run your household, be a good mother, be a good wife and be a good friend. You can still maintain your sanity because you now know how to combat PMS. You are by far one of God’s most intricate and priceless creations. You are powerful, majestic and strong. You are persistent, magical and savvy. You are pretty, magnificent and sexy. You are priceless, miraculous and smart. PMS is no longer a curse embrace the beauty of it that makes you a Predominately Modern Success.

I bet you never thought PMS could sound so good, did you? I celebrate with you as a woman, I celebrate you because you are a woman a perfectly made success.

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