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Do You Even Like Me?

Disclaimer: I am not a Political Analyst or Activist all thoughts and comments are those of my own observation and/or thought processes, not to change your mind but rather give you different perspectives food for thought.

Dearly beloved I come to you today with a crushed heart, vexed spirit and confused mind. You see I’ve been pondering this one question considering the recent “headlines” of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment sexual bullying or whatever title you deem to give it. After having some heavy conversations, a few tears shed I asked this question to men “do you even like me?” Wait I know your immediate answer is “Yes” emphatically, however I beg to differ and paint a picture for you and then I’ll ask you again.

There are two species of Homosapien-- that’s male and female. Each species has a basic role and we are going to go with the basics for the premises of this conversation all other roles and/responsibilities can be debatable. The role of the male in general terms is to protect, defend and provide. It plays out in the animal kingdom as well. The role of the female is to nurture, domesticate and procreate. That’s basic, however cultures have evolved from those archaic roles. Males and females are far more progressive and have learned to adapt to the communities and cultures they are a part of and now they are taking on different roles loosely holding on to the basics.

Our conversation today isn’t about roles but rather how we both operate as a Male or Female. As we all have been listening to these reports about males and the misuse of their authority and the lack of common decency to females it is very disheartening. And I would be very remised if I did not mention the same for females who have misused their authority as well.

If in fact there are only two species of humans and one is prey to the other where is the solution for all the vicious, malicious assaults, harassment and misconduct that happens to women. If women are your prey and women rise to fight against the predator who are they going to for help?

Let’s look at the Zebra for instance if the Zebra has a problem with the Lion it doesn’t go to the Gazelle and say I need help because the Lion keeps picking on me. The Gazelle is having the same problem, but they both could go to the Elephant and say, “listen the Lion has been picking on us and we need your help”. Well the Elephant can offer some assistance because it’s bigger and wiser. And that works in the animal kingdom because there are so many types of animals but only two types of human species.

After women rise up and protest and speak their truths who do they sit down with to bring about resolutions not saying resolutions aren’t possible but who can they confer with other than other women?

So, I ask the question again, do you even like me? If you do why do I have to understand you with all your isms and schisms and then when I finally understand you and embrace who you are you flip the script on me. You say you’ll love me if I respect you, I respect you and that’s not enough. You say you wanted to feel needed, but I called you three times to pick me up and you never answered your phone. You said you wanted to spice up the relationship, so I learned new things, but you still cheated.

Here in lies the problem, you are supposed to be the one I can trust but I trust you the least. You are the one that supposed to protect me, but I fight and defend myself the most from you. You are the one who supposed to provide for me, but you keep me financially retarded because you are not willing to pay me what I’m worth. You want to pay me for my services, yet you want a discount on that…so you tell me do you even like me?

See what I’m still trying to figure out is do you even like me. See I clearly understand God made Male and Female he put us together from the very beginning when you should have covered me even in the presence of God you blamed me. I clearly understand that I can only be with MAN-kind therefore a dog won’t do, a monkey as cute as it may be I’ll have to pass on him too. The fish well I don’t do well in water, a bird can soar and take me to higher heights but at some point, we must depart too, a serpent well it’s just too sneaky thus the reason we in this mess in the first place.

I guess that brings me back to you it looks like I’m stuck with you. Well in your case that’s great for you, because I really do like you. See when they said you were less than a man I stood up for you with our children by my side and said, no, kids that man is your father and he is great. When they said you were a dog, I said no, he just hasn’t been trained well enough. When they said you weren’t good enough for the job, I said it’s okay baby build your own empire. When she said you were broke and no good and ran out on you with your best friend. I told you were worth it, you would live and you will love again. When they wanted to take you and put you in the prison of poverty, lack and bondage. I prayed for you and asked God to give you mercy.

When the question was asked do I like you, my answer is emphatically unequivocally YES, I turned back to you and ask you the same thing, do you even like me?

I really like you.

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