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Diabolical Assassin

Come on in and take a seat we have a good one today, listen if anything you read resonates with you just raise your hands, if it steps on your toes just say ouch and do better and if it makes you feel uneasy like you want to tell somebody off well, we can chat in a lovely respectable way offline.

I always want us to start off on the same page with our definitions so that we can be informed and educated together. The title of this thought is not your everyday use of words so let’s define what we are talking about first.

Diabolical: extremely evil; very unpleasant, bad, or annoying

Assassin: a person who commits murder; especially one who murders a politically important person either for money or from fanatical adherence to a cause.

Here are the important questions of the crime…

Where: Your Heart

Who: The Assassin

How: Calculated Movements

When: The moment you met

Why: Fanatical about the manipulation of hearts

What: Assassination of hearts

Body Count: 20

Let’s Go…

All too often women are pitted against each other and don’t even know how they got there--staring at a woman hating her for being in what you deem as your space, your position your house, your car and even your bed.

They run around ranting and raving saying “he’s my man or he’s my boo or he’s my friend, listen I totally get it I was once “that woman” until I stepped back examined the whole scenario and realized I was wrong. I was wrong for disliking someone I never even met and or had a conversation with, other women have been wrong for disliking you that have never taken the time to get to know you.

Again it is understandable if you have been “the woman” who has acted this way or you may even still be in the situation. I want to help you consider a different perspective today. It’s not your fault that you were at odds with a woman you never even knew. It was by design. What are you talking about Storm? Well I’m so glad you asked deep dive with me.

She was saying the same thing you were saying, “But he’s mine” “I love him” “we are together.” Did you ever think that you were in a virtual war because you were being played against each other? See as long as the focus was on each other you would never focus on the real problem the real source of your hurt, hatred and frustration. In the art of war you must know your enemy and study them. You need to know their mode of operation at all times. In a relationship with someone who is cheating on you he/she is your enemy and because you have been with them longer than you have been with this other person you are at odds with “the enemy” has studied you. He/she knows what you like and how you need to hear it.

They also have learned the other person as well and they run the same play. But have you considered that you both are being assassinated by a cold calculated heart killer. And before you start throwing your stones, stop and think. Go back to a situation that you might have been in before, you were very adamant about your position, your stance and your comfort zone. You were primed and reinforced into thinking your false reality was “real”.

Had you considered that on the other side of town there was someone else who was primed and reinforced with the exact same tactics? The words, the emotions everything was all the same. And for my men this may not resonate with you as much because you all aren’t wired the same way most women are, so you may have come out unscathed but the same scenarios happens on both sides.

Meanwhile, you are being strategic placed in precarious situations that will warrant your response. The demise of your heart is inevitable at this point you’re still trying to make moves against the wrong person. You still think this is about you letting the other person know that “this is your man”. WRONG!!! Where your focus should be and always remain is on your heart.

As a woman you have been equipped with what the world calls intuition but when you delve into it more you will find that it’s Holy Spirit that has been with you all the time you just didn’t know how to identify Him yet.

Once you realize that you and this unknown other party have been diabolically position to be at odds with each other the Assassin gets away clean with a body count of about twenty left for you to clean up. Before you know it you are now face to face with the person you thought was your enemy, you’re ready to cuss them out, fight or worse. Now while all that happened in your head reality is you have a “woman to woman” chat and you soon figured out that she was told the exact same thing causing her to feel exactly what you feel. This is my position, he is my man only the words are coming out of this other person’s mouth.

Unfortunately we weren’t trained in the art of war nor were we guided on the rules of engagement for love we were left to our own devices. And if you were anything like me those devices were childish games at times. And if I was childish I’m sure there were others that were probably in the same predicament.

This sounds like a sad case of affairs. Do you remember the 70’s song by Shirley Brown “Woman to Woman?” It was a hit because all the women in and out of relationships felt it to their core. They were singing it like it was an Anthem. When I was younger I would sing it like I knew what I was talking about, bless my heart for being naïve. (We can laugh And this no shade to the Diva of Soul but rather a perfect addition to my point.

I charge you to listen to the song from a place of experience, understanding and wisdom now. When I listened again I was like these lyrics are dumb. I hear it from a different place now. After having listened to the song you will hear where “The Assassin” has filtered his ways to her, making her think that she was well within her rights of thinking what she was thinking was right. Now how he had her paying for his car, house etc. and taking care of him, well that’s another thought for another day.

In order to redeem yourself from this foolishness you have to learn to be smarter than the enemy. I hear you, you’re saying I’m barely keeping up with this relationship and now you want me to study the art of love and war, YES! We all have to equip ourselves with the proper tools and resources that will help us be successful in everything we do. The elders are right, hindsight is 20/20. And each one has to reach one and teach one.

I’ve just given you some vital information to help you from being diabolically assassinated. What are you going to do with it?

Photo Credit: The Ezio Collection

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