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What's Inspiration?

My all-time favorite Teddy Pendergrass song is You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration, the chorus goes “You're my latest and my greatest, my latest, my greatest inspiration” those are the words from the late great Teddy P. I thought about the song more and as I began to marinate on the word “inspiration” I said to myself, what’s my inspiration?

I’m inspired by many people, places and things, matter of fact everything inspires. It depends on how you look at it, most of us are used to someone saying some good words, quoting some good scripture and reciting a nice quote and we call that inspiring.

Over the course of my life I have been to many conferences both for careers, work and leisure. I have heard some of the best in the field to speak, to inspire and to motivate. Whether it be a spiritual conference, a teen summit or just a girl’s circle. I have left all those places “feeling” inspired but within two days or a week all those word words filtered into the background and just became good experiences.

I’m not saying not to go to all those wonderful places to hear all those exceptional speakers, but I’m asking for us to dig a little deeper into what’s inspiration. When I thought deeper I realized I really didn’t need another rousing speaker to inspire or motivate me, what I needed was a decision to operate in the words previously given.

Remember we said everything inspires depending on how you look at it, I’m inspired by many things. And when I looked around and saw what inspired me there was something else that happened, an action. When I’m inspired I do something. I had a friend who was vegetarian and listening to her story inspired me to have vegetarian habits. I heard a particular phrase in a song and it inspired me to write a poem.

Inspiration is all around, are you going to take it and do something with it or will you just pass it by and say that was something that was nice. I check out everything around me to see if there’s any inspiration. I’ve noticed that other people get inspired too by you, your style, your words and your fashion.

I recently went through a phrase of wearing wraps for fashion and convenience, unbeknownst to me it was inspiring to a Seamster by the name of Afro Sewing. He makes these dolls that are comforting for kids battling cancer. He made a doll inspired by my head wrap and named it after me. I thought that was quite flattering and endearing.

I was hanging out in a park one day and I came across a sculpture or fountain if you will of a mouth. As I watched the fountain it begin to inspire me to write a post about how our negative words sometimes spew negativity into our relationships. Once those words are released we cannot reverse them. The sculpture was moving so fast and whether we like it or not our words move at the same speed.

I believe everything has the ability to inspire whether it’s good or bad the question still remains what are you going to do with the inspiration?

Be inspired and do.

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