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Interview with the Authoress Finale

Welcome back to the finale of interviews with Storm Jennings. The entire month we have been celebrating the release of her first book, It’s A Lovesong. The previous week we left with; would she consider doing a collaboration with other writers. And she definitely didn’t disappoint.

In this last segment we wanted to dive a bit more into her fun side and fun facts.

Here’s this week’s session.

Interviewer: Wow, it’s coming to an end, and we are so honored to have had you spend this time with us. The people, the Stormchasers as you affectionately call them want to know some of the fun facts about you. Do you have a favorite movie?

SJ: As she chuckles and slaps her knee…Yes indeed. Wow just having one favorite movie nowadays is challenging. But I do have Love Jones. It has remained timeless for me. I could watch it over and over, in fact I have. I’ve seen it more than 500 hundred times.

Interviewer: Love Jones, is definitely a classic for the culture. I can’t say that I’ve seen it that many times. I’m sure your fans will have a field day with knowing that information. What are some of your favorite pastimes?

SJ: I have several things I like to do, they’re not necessarily physical activities all the time but they are activities for my soul. I love to laugh and have conversations. I’m an in-depth conversationalist. Other things like exercising and good walks are therapeutic for me, so I try to do those as often as possible. Laughing is so good for us all, it releases the “feel good” chemicals. We all need that; my favorite laugh is when I didn’t even know I needed it. You can tell it’s the laugh that catches you off guard and you just give in to it. The laughter brings tears to your eyes and makes your stomach hurt.

Interviewer: Oh, I feel you on a good laugh, I like having those myself. What’s a safe haven for you?

SJ: Now that’s a good question, hmm...I have a few but I’ll give you one that’s kind of unsuspecting. My car, I know, seems odd, but after I have worked all day, fought through traffic, ran errands, I like to just sit in my car and wind down a bit. I can’t tell you how many downloads I get just relaxing in my car, no music, no conversations. It’s one of my favorite places.

Interviewer: The car, wow wasn’t expecting that, maybe I’ll try it sometimes. You know your fans want to know all the real juicy details. They want to know who’s your love interest, are you sharing all this fabulousness with anyone?

SJ: Fabulousness, yes, I agree. Why do people always want to know your deep business…lol. I have many loves, but if you want to know if I’m romantically involved then, no. Accepting live applications now. Lol...Lol…

Interviewer: Lol...well you heard it directly from SJ’s mouth, shoot your shot. We have certainly enjoyed our time with you. What’s next on the horizon for you and SJ Enterprises?

SJ: Well, thank you for having me, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I’m sure we didn’t get to all your questions. SJE is a bit wide open right now for possibilities. We are definitely always working and writing but trying to find that right balance and our niche. Until then we’ll keep working and impacting culture.

If I may, I want to say thank you to all my supporters, I call them my Stormchasers. Fans is such a cliché sometimes. I like to think of my supporters as those who have an interest in what I produce, but they don’t worship what I produce or who I am. I hope that makes sense. I like knowing that people wait for my work, but yet they still live if they don’t get it.

Interviewer: Well said, it was a privilege sitting and chatting with you. We look forward to the next time we have another session with you. And happy anniversary, seven years for your first book. I have my copy I hope others get theirs to. Where can they get the book?

SJ: You’re quite welcome, be blessed until next time. The book can be downloaded from Amazon, or they can go to my website and order it,

We would like to thank you for your time with us and being a part of our month-long celebration of Storm’s first book. We look forward to another interviewing session with you again.

Congratulations and happy 7th anniversary to It’s A Lovesong, may it be prosperous and impactful for generations to come.


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