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Male Sensitivity

How often have you heard the phrase "I need a man who is sensitive?” It is resounded from women everywhere. A woman's desire for her husband, boyfriend, lover or just a friend to be sensitive is one that is strong and sometimes even complicated.

See, women love for a man to be able to identify and feel her pain and sometimes even cry with her if situation calls for it. But there is a line that must be crossed before men can reach that level. Some men don't know how to express their emotions and feelings. And there are some that do. But on the average men have a difficult time expressing emotions the way women would like for them to.

Just to let the men off the hook, fellas it is not your fault that you are not more sensitive and unable to express emotions. It's a problem that stems far beyond that relationship or past relationships that you may have or had. You didn't wake up overnight and was unable to express your emotions.

If you would just think back to a year old or you might even have to go a bit older to maybe three and you received your first spanking. What were those words that your mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandmother or even older sibling said to you immediately after they finished spanking you? You guessed, it "DON'T CRY". As the years went by, you received more and more spankings, you fail down a thousand times, and those words again were heard, but only this time they had a twist to them now, "STOP CRYING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL." Wow, now you have been told to stop crying, which you had the right to do because you felt pain and now your crying is being compared to that of a girl. What a dichotomy!

You are now older, and you have your first football, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer game and the winning point all comes down to you. You missed the field goal, basket and your teammates are all upset and blaming you, so you do what? Cry. And your father immediately says, "Boy stop that crying it's just a game. Why are you crying about a game?" Well now you had a right again to cry because you felt disappointment.

The saga continues, it becomes a never-ending cycle. The more you try to cry and show emotions the more you are told to be tough and act like a boy act like a man. And then society begins to play its role. You are told that "real men don't cry" and men that do cry are gay and soft. Well I'm here to dispel the myth. Real men will cry not because they are soft or gay, but because they are very much in touch with their own manhood. They have learned how to express emotions.

Men you have the right to cry just as much as a woman does. You feel pain, sorrow, disappointment and grief. You have earned your right and if you are questioning your reasoning behind your tears, it's because of all the pain you have endured. It's because of all the doors that were shut in your face when you presented your resume. It's because you were hauled off to jail because you fit the description. It was because your son or daughter was born. It's because you love your wife, girlfriend, or lover so much. It's because that loved one has gone on and is no longer with you.

The world has molded you and shaped you to not show emotion at all and now your resort to crying in the dark alone with no help and you suffer in silence. And if you ever questioned if it makes you less of a man, the answer is no. The greatest man of all cried and he was the Son of God. He was bruised and whipped, he was spit upon, he was dragged and pierced in the side, yet he cried and endured the agony and suffering. But he gave up his life so that you could be free.

So, men it is your right to cry and feel emotions. You have the right to express whatever emotion you feel. It doesn't take away from your manhood, if anything it adds to it. It shows that you can be expressive and yet still be the strong man that you are.

So, ladies, stop blaming the men when they can't express their emotions. You must remember that it was a long-embedded process that has been there before he ever encountered you. So, it wasn't something that just happened when he meets you. So as the strong beautiful women that you are, help your man achieve his sensitivity, walk and guide him through it as a man. You will find that you will have a healthier relationship emotionally and a man who is more sensitive to your needs as well as his own. And for all the fellas who are saying, Storm I don’t cry for ANYTHING, period end of discussion. I hear you, you be who you are, we still love you.

SO, men get your tissues out and just have you One Good Cry for every emotion that you have ever felt, for every pain that has touched your heart. And once you have had your one good cry, you will have embarked upon your new beginning towards sensitivity.

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