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It's A Celebration

“Celebrate good times, come on” as I reflect on an upcoming birthday I’m reminded of how much I enjoy birthday celebrations. A birthday celebration is the one time an individual person is celebrated for who they are and their very existence.

A birthday for a single person sometimes is all he/she gets for others to celebrate them. Fathers and mothers have Fathers and Mother’s Day, husband and wives have anniversaries, grandparents have “Grandparents Day” and couples have Valentines and Sweetest Day.

The changing of the times has us throwing celebrations for everything. And there’s nothing wrong with celebrating everything I just want to take a look at how sometimes all of the inclusions of celebrations create exclusions for individuals.

Let’s break down some of these celebrations. A single person gets his/her birthday and that will be all if he/she doesn’t get involved with someone else, okay buckle up it’s going to be a fast ride. A single woman gets engaged, she has an engagement party, a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, a wedding and a wedding reception, which now leads to many anniversary celebrations, Valentine days and Sweetest Days.

The same said woman is now married and gets pregnant, she has a gender reveal party and a baby shower, which leads to numerous Mothers’ Day celebrations, Grandparents Day etc. This can very well apply to a man as well.

If this same man/woman remained unmarried and childless then the only time someone would celebrate them would be for his/her birthday. So in all the celebrating and party shenanigans I want us to remember those who just have birthdays right now and to shower them with love, cards and gifts. Let them know how special they are, you don’t know how much that will change their day. Make a big day out of them as if they were the only ones in the world born on that day.

I say to all my singles I see you and I take this time to celebrate you. I celebrate your birthdays, happy birthday to you, I celebrate your celibacy, congratulations on your commitment. I celebrate your new home and job, you deserve it. I celebrate your accomplishments, kudos to you I celebrate your ability to stand strong in who you are and all your trues, I applaud you. So here’s a glass raised in your honor of being YOU just unapologetically you. Woohoo!!!

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