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Whose Valentine is it Anyway?!?!

Come out come out wherever you are, and meet the young lady who fell from a star.-Billie Burke

As I was driving home today and watched all the people who were coming from the grocery store with their savory meats, sides and of course their flowers in tow. Each bag from Wholefoods, Shoppers and the local markets were filled to capacity with plastic wrapped flowers to top.

In my hour and thirty minute commute I watched as gentlemen rushed home with their roses some white most red, their orchids, and a few lilies and women as well. They were all in their efforts to make it home in time for their romantic dinners.

In a sea of reds, pinks and purples all the hearts and smiley faces, every radio station including the gospel ones kept saying those dreaded three words “Happy Valentine’s Day”. You couldn’t even drop your kids off to school safely without some little one loaded down with all of his/her valentine goodies for their classmates and teachers. Even Rover got a Valentine treat.

All day long, flowers, balloons, cards and candy poured into offices and homes. Fed Ex, UPS and USPS were busy as little bees. In the back drop I could hear the resounding sound of sighs, eye rolling and tears oh yeah I could hear you. And all day I tried to send you good vibes and thoughts in hopes that you would be okay.

It’s okay you can come out now it’s all over you have 364 days before it occurs again, in the meantime what are you going to do to make yourself have a different experience? Like most holidays and celebrations with the exception of those that are directly related to you, they are commercialized and monetized. It’s really hard to get around it, I’m sure you found it difficult to go into the drug store for cough syrup and tissues without being accosted by Mylar balloons, chocolates and stuffed bears.

Well I’m giving you permission to come out from under your chocolate, popcorn and wine stupor. You can stop watching Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally now, it’s over now. Here’s what I need for you to do to safe guard your heart for next time. Define LOVE, what is it? Is it just regulated to lovers, then what is a lover is it not one who loves? Free yourself from the bondage of thinking Valentine’s Day is ONLY for romantic lovers.

Start loving God because he first loved you, then start loving yourself more and when you get that down good, start loving beyond yourself and you will find love all around you. And when Valentine’s Day rolls around again you will have a different perspective. And even if you are in a relationship you will have practiced over and over again loving on yourself that it will not matter if a shiny balloon, a bouquet of posh flowers or diamonds show up at your office or house, you will be secure in the love you have showered yourself with and you will be just one big ball of love.

You’ll find yourself singing I want a “Sunday Kind of Love” followed up by “My Funny Valentine” crescendo it off with “Sweet Love” until next time I pray the peace of God surrounds you and gives you joy unspeakable and a love everlasting, after all Whose Valentine is it Anyway?

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