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Once In A Lifetime (Throwback Poetry)

This happens to be one of my favorite poems from my book "It's A Lovesong" given it's throwback Thursday I thought I would share it with you. It's a Lovesong can be purchased here.

Once in a lifetime we come across the perfect deal, opportunity, or chance that causes an impact in our lives. It’s the one deal that makes or breaks the desired job, it’s the extra percentage off of a loan, or the extra value bucks you get with a purchase. How often does one get the opportunity to experience a moment in life that causes it to change forever?

Once in a lifetime a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Once in a lifetime a bud becomes a blossom, once in a lifetime do you find someone who is willing to be committed to you for better or worse, in sickness and in health. The once in your lifetime has come and you have opened up your heart and hands wide to receive it.

Courage, patience, and fortitude is what it took to give in to the thought of a lifetime commitment. Kindness, thoughtfulness, and temperance is what maintains the vow, God, family, and friends will remind you of your oath.

Blissfulness, candid memories, and inside jokes will keep the heart merry. Stimulating conversations, romance, and moments alone will keep the fire strong. Spiritual foundations, moral standards, and a staunch value system will keep you grounded.

Once in a lifetime will many gather, to celebrate a choice you have made alone, once in a lifetime will your decision cause impact and change to other lives. As you walk the journey ahead you will carry past generations with you and set legacies for the generations to come.

Once in a lifetime will you lay down at night as an individual and awake bonded to another. Once in a lifetime will all the cheering, the stares, and jubilance be for just you. Once in a lifetime will you say I do with such conviction, I will with such honesty, and I shall with anticipation.

Good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, they will arise and there is nothing to fear. Pressure, duress, and stress, will rear its ugly head do not be alarmed for these are the joys and pains of life. For once in your lifetime you will not face any of it alone.

When the band has finished playing, everyone has danced, all the cake is gone and family and friends have returned home, steal away to solitude and treasure your once in a lifetime, and allow it to permeate and resonate. This is once in a lifetime.


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