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I Don’t Need You but I Want You…

“Disclaimer, open your mind and read from a place of freedom and not where you are right now. I encourage you to look and hear a different perspective.”

So often the phrase “I need a man” gets thrown around by women and men who try to determine a woman’s disposition and or attitude in life. If she’s grumpy and upset all the time…they say, “you need a man” and that my friend is where I draw the line. It’s quite audacious of you to think that a woman’s life revolves or is predicated on whether she has a man or not.

I can only speak for myself, I don’t need a man. I’m self-sufficient, independent and very comfortable with it. I enjoy my freedom and spontaneity to move and do as I wish. I don’t need a man to really enjoy life, appreciate life or even have a life. I have all of that, my car is cared for, my lawn is maintained, my bills and obligations are met, my light-bulbs are in, my walls are painted, my TV’s are programmed, my trash is taken out. I think you get my point.

I truly don’t need you for anything financially, materially or physically lean in close and read this very carefully I WANT you. You see, I want you in my life, when I want something it means I have decided above other things to select something else that was presented as an option.

Yes, I want you in my life to share life with. I want you in my life to celebrate life’s greatest moments. I want you to sit with and ponder life’s mysteries. I want you in my life to share in on everything it has to offer. I want you to stand beside me and do ministry with to show forth the love of God.

Don’t get it twisted about who you are man or woman, with or without what you “need” in life God the Father has already provided everything else is a want and desire based upon your own intelligent decision-making process.

There’s nothing real deep about this it’s really about your perspective.

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