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A Desire Deferred

Innocence of time, overwhelmed by tarnished dreams of ecstasy, lustful nights of passion intertwined with guilt and pain. Heated pleasures of you danced through my head, raindrops falling from above, cascading our bodies like a fortress.

A song full of love, faith, care, and passion, pain, sorrow, anxiety, and intense turmoil all playing to the same beat. A syncopated rhythm of heat and fire, heighten by the waters of the brow, neck, and back enhanced all the more by a surge of mixed melodies of drums beats, piano keys, and plucking strings.

As open sunsets and silent streams and fowls of the air sing a melodious tune, capturing our ears: a melody that puts our souls to rest. The purity of a love unknown settled in our hearts, a dance between two musical instruments. I a string, you a bass, coming together as one.

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