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Celebrate My Womaness

In Honor of Womens'History Month and #ADayWithoutAWoman #IWD I wanted to pay homage to my younger self as a throwback. Check out the lost pages of my notebooks from eons ago. The young Storm was even prolific then bless her sweet heart.

I AM Woman

I am woman hear me roar I'm walking in and out of your doors. My name isn't Sally nor is it Sue but because it isn't there's not much for me to do.

I was good enough to feed your babies and to play with you in the daisies, what happened to my name being gold plated.

I am Woman hear me roar I'm still walking in and out of your doors.

Life As A Woman

Life as a woman is so precious to me, it's so precious that only I can see. The way I carry my head and make a smile can only be recognized by those without guile.

My caring little ways and friendly face often leaves room for doors to be slammed in my face why do I care when I know that it will only get worse, I can no longer hide inside of my little pink purse.

Life as a Woman is so dear to me, it's almost so precious that only I can see.

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