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I Waited...

Spring came the flowers began the bloom, I could smell the fresh cut grass, the birds singing to the sound of my heartbeat, the breeze was blowing gently across my face. Summer came the sun was beaming, the children were playing, the dogs barking with no sound from the cats. As cars passed by I could hear the sounds of laughter in the air.

As the sun begins to set upon the horizon I could hear footsteps as they came closer my heart fluttered. The stillness of the water caused moments of reminiscing. The tears began to fall.

Fall has made its grand entrance the trees are losing its leaves the petals are beginning to fall from the roses. Hearts are growing restless no time for long walks in the park. I can hear the rustling of the leaves going to and fro.

Its winter it’s cold and lonely. Nowhere to go, nothing to see, the ponds have frozen over. I sit at the window making figments on the glass. Spring, summer, winter, fall and still I wait……

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