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How Are You Really Doing?

“How are you doing” is probably the number one question you will get at any given time of the day on a daily basis. My question is do you really care? Wait before you start throwing blog slurs at me think about it. You asked a question, but do you really want the answer.

Too many times throughout the day I’m asked this question and I have often wondered what the motive for asking the question was? Is it just to exercise your good manners, the pleasantries of life or are you truly concerned, or you really don’t have anything else to say?

I’ve observed daily conversations and have come to an unofficial conclusion that MOST people are just exercising good manners. We have been programmed to systematically respond, even the person whom has been asked the question is programmed with a response of “I’m good” or “doing fine”. How often have you personally answered with the same response, knowing that you weren’t feeling your best?

“How are you doing” is it rhetorical or literal? Introspectively speaking mine would be literal, I’m genuine when I ask the question and I follow it up with my actions of actually staying around to here the response. How many times has someone asked you the question and before you could answer they were

Whether it’s rhetorical or literal, our actions need to be appropriate with the corresponding answer. If you really don’t care no one is going to hold it against you, just don’t ask the question. And if you care, stay around for the answer. No one is forcing you to ask or answer hold true to yourself about your motive, therefore, you will hold true to others.

So the next time someone says to you “how are you doing” ponder a bit and read their body language and you give a corresponding response.

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