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Ode to 44

On the eve of one administration transitioning to another I’m taking time to reflect on the last eight years of a legacy that was HIStory and HERstory alike. I must admit emotions are both sad yet happy at the same time. In 2008 I like many of you watched as the votes came in and the polls closed one by one. As I sat in my bed with my hands wringing together I stared hope in the face hoped against hope that this would be the night that America would turn from her ways of being one sided but rather she would give “hope” a chance. As the polls closed and the map started to turn from red to blue I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes. And as the unofficial claim of President-elect Barack Obama name was called the floodgates opened.

I stayed up all night as I cried tears of joy for I knew what had just happened would change the course of our nation and the trajectory of minority people as a whole. The next morning as I went to work there was a sense of accomplishment as if I had done something personally but it was what the nation had done, America took a chance on hope and gave the first African American male presidential candidate a chance to hold the highest office of the nation.

As the nation embraced its first African American president America had taken on the first African American First Lady and the First Grandmother-in-Chief who would have ever thought that the White House would have its resident grandmother. As the nation watched to see what this president would do for the country there were those who watched to see what he would do as “man” who looked like them.

No one could have known what was to come and what decisions this president would have to make, every president has had his challenges some more than others but America watched as President Obama handle every obstacle with professionalism and precision. There was great amazement and abandonment in President Obama’s eight years. There was anxiety and anticipation about the policies and forward movement of the nation.

President Obama and his darling wife First Lady Michelle I say thank you for showing me the possibility of who I can be and being examples of what my sons can be as leaders. Thank you First Lady for finally saying yes to a date with Barack. Thank you President Obama for not disgracing Michelle as your wife and the First Lady of this nation. It has personally given me the admiration for you and for men like you. It was important to me that you displayed tangible faithfulness. Thank you both for displaying love, humor and affection in a relationship while facing adversity.

Thank you first daughters for simply being daughters that their parents could be proud of, thank you for encompassing childhood innocence and the growing pains of adolescence with levity. President Obama thank you for walking the halls of the White House with swag and charisma. Thank you for taking the time to stay true to the love of sports. First Lady Michelle thank you for caring enough about our children to want to see them eat healthier, not only did you speak about it but you put a garden on the White House ground. Thank you for showing women affordable fashion and that it’s still cool to dance when you are someone’s mom.

Thank you Obamas’ for being President and First Lady with grace, character and authenticity. I will miss you for the hope and inspiration you both have given us. Here’s wishing you well and as I have said many times before you are walking out with your life, wife and dignity still intact.

I bid you God sped and prosperity as you transition to civilian life see you around soon.

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