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What Do I Think?

What do I think? I’m so glad you asked that question I pose it right back to you, “what do you

think”? Our thinking has a lot to do with what we do every day. Every day we are presented with a choice to make and we won’t dig too deep into the choices because there are just too many. I want us to deep dive on what we think and how our thoughts become our actions, habits and lifestyles.

The definition of a thought: an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. When you focus in on your thoughts you will quickly realize that you don’t control your thoughts at all times. Roll with me a bit on this, when I’m driving along either listening to music or watching the scenery I’m completely focused on the song that is playing and out of nowhere like a light summer breeze here is this thought (I won’t share the thought) that I wasn’t even remotely thinking about now I have two options I can feed the thought or I can cast it out and replace it with another thought.

I submit to you most of us feed our thoughts because we are a pleasure seeking, self-gratifying species and without much training and brainwashing we will go with what flows in our minds. This works to our detriment sometimes. When I’m thinking good thoughts I find that my day is more productive, my body feels better and my disposition for that day is one that is set on “good”. Now here is the reverse of that when my thoughts are heavy and not so good my day is not productive nor is it a feel good day.

When I started noticing our thought process and how it becomes an action or habit I made a concerted effort to always think on good things now it doesn’t always work because we can’t control what thoughts come in and when they come in but we can combat them with other thoughts. So when you want to change something in life start thinking about it more, my dear Pastor Michael A. Freeman once said “whatever you focus on will expand in your life”. So I began to focus on some really good things and not long after I found myself doing those things that I focused on. So here are some exercises I use when I really need to make something materialize in my life.

I think about the gym…

I think of healthy vegetables I love…

I think about my godchildren often…

I think of the goodness of Jesus…

I think about the impact I can make in someone else’s life…

I think about my dreams often…

After I have thought about these things I found myself now, in the gym busting our those squats that I really don’t like to do, I’m eating that spinach and broccoli instead of those fries that I really was craving. The more I think of my godchildren I see their faces and it makes me smile, when I think of the goodness of Jesus and how much he loves me it gives me hope for continued victory and triumph over every adverse situation.

So I challenge you today, what are you thinking? Do you think about loving you wife better, do you think about being a better communicator, do you think about living your dreams? Get something good on your mind that is going to bring you productivity and happiness. Think yourself right into your millions or into that desired relationship and watch what happens as a result of good thinking.

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