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Thankful People

Storm Chasers it’s that time of year again when we are all making our plans to gather with family and friends with the intent to stuff our faces with delectable savory, sweet and sensational meals. The thawing, brining and marinating will start in about two days. The lines will be long in every grocery store including your local convenience store for the next three days. The unspoken wars of collard green picking between the new age and old age women is on. It’s the infamous stare off of who is going to get the last bunch of the good hearty greens will it be Ms. Gretchen who already has three pots of greens frozen at home or will it be young Ariah who is cooking for her fiancé for the first time?

While all the shenanigans of parking lot wars, seating arrangements and parade watching is going on there’s this story that lies in the reason of why we are having all this frenzy of eats and treats it’s because we are celebrating the day of Thanksgiving. So as you welcome all your family, friends and frats to the big feast remember why, what and who you are thankful for on this day.

SJE is thankful for you, for your support and continued interest in our words, lessons, scopes and products. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and we encourage you to continue to be thankful all the year through. And once you have finished all your great delicious dinners and desserts check back on the homepage of the website for some great deals for early Christmas shopping.

Be blessed and stay thankful.

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