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The evolution of life is designed for everything to develop, mature and grow. There shouldn’t be any areas of your life that you aren’t growing in, if a baby stayed an infant they would never learn to crawl or walk. And the world would consider it useless because it did not fulfill its purpose. Our thought life should be growing on a consistent basis we should be changing from our childish ways to become an adult, correct? Our love life should mature and our communication skills should sharpen we are intelligent beings who are in a constant state of progression.

As a writer I should be a more prolific melodic stylized storyteller than I was three years ago if not that only means that I’m not honing in and perfecting my craft. A reader should be intrigued and enthralled with the stories and poems that I share. While I was looking through some of my bodies of work from over the years and came across the below poem and thought to myself, wow look how much I’ve grown in my writing and in my thinking. As you read this poem, read it in the mindset of a young romantic seeking love and looking for love. When you finish reread it and see where your own personal growth has happened.

I Need

I need you like the waves need the sea

I need you like tomorrow needs today

I need you to be there when I sigh

I need you when I cry.

I need you when I laugh and I even

Need you when I’m mad

I need you like the trees need the birds

I need you like blue needs red

I need you when everything is okay and even

when it’s not.

I need you like the air we breathe.

I need you, I need you.

I need you like love needs hate

I need you like the sun needs the rain,

I need you like a baby needs its milk

I need you, I need you.

I need you like light needs darkness

I need you like pen needs ink.

I need you to make M.E. feel complete!


After I reread this piece I was glad that I matured and learned what love. Think about what you have evolved in and how the slight or drastic changes have improved your thinking, your loving, your giving & and your living. When you first dive in it’s going to feel a little uneasy because it’s self-reflection but hang in there the other side of your reflection is sweet. Happy deep diving.

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