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SWEET Moments

Sweet Moments (The Day I/We Made History)

In the early 1600’s the first slaves arrived to the United States of America, they came with nothing of their own other than the fleeting memories of their homeland, AFRICA. Years upon years as they sat in the bottoms of ships, toiled a land unfamiliar, and missed the sun kissed sands of home.

As they worked their hands, bodies, and minds for an oppressor that never recognized them as more than property and good trade ware, the slaves watched as their families were raped, sold, and killed without a hope of this torture ever ending.

What would become of a people who could not read or write, trapped on a land that was not their own, with no understanding that this land it was not MY land. As time slipped away, work from sun up, to sun down. No rest in between the seasons, the longing for home is more eminent then ever, the thought of never reconnecting to the heritage from whence you come.

A heritage that was of Kings and Queens, a heritage that says you are royalty, but here you lie in rags and shame, a body that aches from the lashes of leather that was made to correct animals. If the heritage says that I am the greatest of all, yet here I am sitting in a barn with sheep and pigs, this has become my demise. I walk upright, I have the same blood that runs in your vein. I am rational, worthy of respect and rights as you. Yet for years to come you would oppress a great nation, a people who were created from the same Creator…and yet you see the group of people as less than the stock and cattle your own.

As the years went on, the beatings, rapes, and humiliation continued, as the days grew longer, and the bodies of the nation became tattered God saw fit to place rams in the bushes for his people…the master was no longer the feared oppressor. The very people that oppressed a nation, some, began to see that this was not right, as the master was off doing the bidding and trading…those who had decided to soften their hearts wanted to help, they begin to teach the oppressed nation to read and write, taught them about their God showed compassion. The souls of what once resembled bigotry and hatred had become the saving grace for a nation that was beginning to gain courage and knowledge of what was wrong.

In the still of the night a beat rings out in the distance and it gets stronger and stronger it pounds and burn in our chest. The sound becomes deafening it is the sound of freedom, freedom from brooks and streams on the shores of the north. Hush I can hear it louder, it sounds like it’s calling my name. My spirit is awakening to a glimmer of hope. We can’t stop now we’re too close to breaking the grounds. The grounds that carried our sweat, blood and tears. It is soft now, just enough for us to tread on, we will be free. Free to love, free to dance, free to dream and free to serve our God again.

The sweet moment has come we must hurry let’s go two by two you look out for me and I will look out for you. We stay together, we stay strong our will is the only thing that cannot be broken. When the dawn arises we will stand in it, we are a people who deserve to be in the sweetest moment of all. The forefathers called it life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But we call it SWEET. (Surviving With Everything Everyone Tried to Take)

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