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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful, the land of the free the home of the brave. We are living in a great country full of opportunities. We have freedoms that most countries would pay money to have and yet we are still in bondage. Freedom of speech, but we are censored left and right because everyone is so sensitive about race, religion, sexuality. Freedom of religion, yet people are being killed and assaulted for what they believe. Freedom of press, but yet not everything gets printed, it’s handpicked the news that is printed, reported, televised is watered down and/or manipulated to only feed you what they want you know.

So I ask are we really the land of the free? We are definitely the home of the brave but our freedom is starting to get more costly by the minute and soon we all will look up and realized that were aren’t as free as they wanted us to believe.

I resolve to believe I’m FREE, not in this world’s system but from the kingdom that I have come from, I create my freedom outside of the confounds they told me were freedom. I won’t disobey the laws of the land however I don’t subscribe to the false realities presented. I choose to have my freedom in the God who created me and what he has said about me. He said he gave his son so I can be free from sin. Check. Jesus said I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Check. Here’s to my freedom, inside of my Lord and Savior I’m free to love & to give love, free to live & let live, free to share & receive. I encourage you to think about your freedoms and find out are you really living free or are you bound by the false realities that were spoon fed to you? Just a thought.

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