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Moments Matter

So every day God gives us opportunities to make all kinds of choices. We decide on our necessities of life, routes to get to and fro, choices to be good or bad, and all kinds of senseless decisions. Somewhere I read that humans make over thirty-five thousand decisions daily. It boggles my mind on how that is even possible.

In those decisions we all have the ability to make impact on the lives of other whether we realize it or not. So today I had the opportunity to make impact on someone's life for the better. Now God already knows that I’m a trigger puller and I can be trusted with his people. I will admit that sometimes I’m a bit slow on pulling the trigger but the moment I notice the opportunity I will pull the trigger. So as I thought about why was I delayed although it was five minutes, those five minutes matter and that literally could have meant life or death for someone? So what is the delay? Often times I’m focused on what I’m doing too much, I’m caught off guard to the moments of change and impact so I have to consistently stay in tuned with Holy Spirit so that I know that moment is now.

Just think if someone was holding the key to your life altering moment and they delayed for even a second, maybe it’s your donation of a heart, your keys to your new home, or it was that word you needed to hear just before you were going to take your own life. As the moments pass by we have the ability every day to be “change agents” for others.

I encourage you to think about how much you are missing in the moments that matter the most. Are you reading your phone when someone needed your smile? Are you listening to extremely loud music when someone is offering to pay for your lunch or did you just simply ignore the person next to you because you didn’t want to be bothered?

Moments matter the most when we are least suspecting of them, today look for those moment and make it count. This was a subjective lesson for me, teaching me to be more apt and more in tune with the moments that make others’ lives better. #momentsmatter

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