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Browneyed Soul Brother

Yeah they call him brother to the night for he has been out on the prowl like a thief in the night. He has been dropping his lyrical antics all over town, some call him Groove but for those who knows him best “we” like to call him Brown.

The Browneyed Soul Brother seeking what he may devour with his hands and with his eyes while sitting back in his Barker lounger, as the sweet smell of mocha, cinnamon, and brown sugar glides by, he licks his fingers with anticipation. Will it be his lucky night to make his big score, will he be left standing at the door just wanting more?

Yeah they call him brother to the night for he is the “bad boy” on the block yelling out commands to make you drop and give him fifty and he’s the gentle soul willing to give you a fifty plus some more. He is the strong man standing for the rights of others he is a father of a new generation of two little brothers.

The Browneyed Soul Brother from both far and near has been planted here. Where is here you ask? Here is where my heart is, where the hearts of others are. He has come along and captivated us by his silly antics and strong poise.

Yeah they call him brother to the night for he has walked into my life least unexpectedly, he has increased my cravings for the likes of the fine chocolate brothers. He has made a slight indentation in my heart one that will last although we are cities apart.

The Browneyed Soul Brother in a form of rarity has given the gift of charity, love and hope. He has awaken some talents of the young and the old for yes they call him brother to the night, for he is the Browneyed Soul Brother that has stepped into my life.

Yeah they call him brother to the night he is the vision of what fathers of the past, present, and future would call “out of sight”.

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