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What's Different about Different?

“She was different from any woman I ever met”, I heard that statement while driving and it sent off a chime in me. What does that mean? I thought about that statement a little bit more and started throwing around these notions of if were are human we inherently have the same emotion, thought processes, personality traits as humans. Now the difference is we don’t all have every trait, every emotion and every process at the same time. Let’s dig a little more, so if someone is witty or humorous, it’s not as easy to see someone’s humor if they tell you a joke in a slow delivery but he/she was still funny. Or if someone is smart but he/she takes a little longer to solve a problem. I would submit that people really aren’t that different but rather it’s the way they present their traits that you or I may not be used too. A nice person from the usual observation of niceness may say a friendly hello, may let you over in traffic we deem that as nice. Now, let’s look at niceness from a different angle if someone tells you your breath is not fresh or that you have something in your nose, you might think they were rude or intrusive but in fact they are being nice enough to inform you to prevent you from further embarrassment. So back to our original thought are people really so different than any other man or woman we have met before but rather it’s their presentation of the basic human behaviors that are not in the traditional form, their presentations are just more palatable and preferred, just a thought. The next time someone says “he or she is different” ask them what they really mean by different.

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