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Loving In & Out of Boundaries

If you love who you love when you love them should it matter to anyone or even to yourself of what race they are, it shouldn’t but sometimes it just does. I’m a fan of “all things love” I celebrate it, dance for it, sing about it and yet I still struggle with the notion of possibly finding love and commitment outside of my own race. What’s with that? If you find another human being that loves you and willing to commit to lifetime partnership with you. What’s the issue? I admit you cannot control who you grow in love with, however you can control the environment in which you find that person. Your heart is limitless on who/what it loves but it’s only built for one love at a time that you have a commitment to, so what’s the deal? Is it so wrong to desire/want to grow in love with someone of your same race, someone that shares similar plights of life? I’ve pondered this many times over the years to make sure I wasn’t being racist however I will admit this does make me seem like a bit of a control freak. Okay I’ll take that, but I also know that I want to have happiness and the desire of my heart which is someone from my race. Sounds like I may need some divine intervention to move beyond loving with boundaries, have I limited myself on love by only entertaining those of the same race? Should I give myself the permission to step outside the unspoken boundaries and seek love as organically as possible? This is something to continue to ponder. I don’t want to muse over it too long I might miss a wonderful opportunity.

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