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Giving Your All

Someone once said to me that I never gave my all in a relationship thus lending to the notion of why I may not have the relationship “I” desired. Hmm, well I pondered that notion, my answer was that I felt I had given my all. Of course we are always going to think high of ourselves and say that we did/said the right things. I went a little further and asked some of the partners that I had previous relationships with, for sure if anyone would know they would know. The question simply stated; “when we were together, did you feel like I was holding back in the relationship?” The question allowed for some interesting dialogue. I even found out some things that I had not even heard before while in the relationship. (Thanks for your candor) After these conversations the conclusions were that “yes” I had put it all out on the table, my beliefs, some dreams, some fears, and my expectations. Sometimes when items aren’t presented to you as an option you unfortunately settle for the lesser of what you desire. So maybe the statement was made as a defense or perhaps a deflection for the person. But, I say thanks for giving me the opportunity to look a little deeper into my relationships.

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