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Where You Belong

Well it seems that my mind is stuck in deep mode Ha. So I was thinking about this “belonging to” concept in Psychology it’s really the third step to self-actualization. Belonging, is a basic need for the human, not everyone requires it to the degrees that other may experience but at some point in your life you will hit this phase. What is this belonging—wanting to be desired, loved, and admired, innately we know that we are loved by God our heavenly Father, he made us and we belong to him. Our earthly parents are kind of obligated to love and want us to a degree, well at least they should and that’s debatable. It’s something about being desired by someone who has chosen you. It makes you feel real good when you get a call, card, text message that says I was “just thinking” about you. That means in that person’s day you came to the forefront of their minds and they chose to let you know. Sometimes when you don’t have that feeling it can make you feel a bit melancholy but we have to know that God chooses us daily and although he created us he still yet chose us. So you have to love yourself just as much as you could love someone else it will keep you from having those despondent feelings. Everyday look yourself in the mirror and say “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and I love me just as I am. Now if you can’t say that as readily yet we may have so more deep diving to do.

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