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Accept Yourself

Today while on the commute to the chocolate city, I took in the early morning sites of sunny skies and blowing trees. The grass was being watered, the birds were flocking, the dogs were barking and among the dance of nature were human beings, walking, jogging, driving, and talking on the phone while this busy surface soundtrack was playing my mind was racing and having a dance duel all by itself. It’s like ricocheting these frivolous thoughts around but one peaked my interest. Why, why have I downplayed my intelligence around the men that I most cared about, I mean I’m pretty smart yet I think about the times that I diminished myself to be in a man’s presence. Why?! Did I feel that I would take away from his intelligence or was I just so nervous that I didn’t react to normal conversations and/or experiences? I submit to you I simply don’t know the answer but as I look back on it, I say it surely was stupid on my part, why diminish who I am for anyone? If he can’t handle me in my abilities and intelligence than he just might not need me. Note to self, don’t you ever do that again be you in all your intelligence and silliness.

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