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Reminder: A Letter to you My Friend

Yours Truly

143 Friendship Lane

Hearts Way, All Around the World 12345

My Dear Friend,

From my heart to yours, you’re receiving this letter to inform you that you are often thought about. On any given day your face may pop up in my heart, I may say your name and a smile comes to my face. In the hectic world we live in there’s no guarantee in life that someone will take the time to care for you and give you the attention you deserve.

Undoubtedly God has created special people, for all types of things. When He created me, He gave me this special place in my heart that allows me to love limitlessly those people and/or things that I desire.

Friend, it’s not often that I get the opportunity to celebrate you. Your birthday may come and go, and I might miss it, not intentionally but just because life is busy, but today it’s all about you. I get to honor you and share my sentiments about you.

I’ve expressed to you many times before my affection and affinity towards you, my wish for you to have God’s best in life. This is just another way to let you know that I take being your friend seriously it is a privilege to be entrusted with your hearts’ treasures, dreams and accomplishments.

It’s with love that I get in your tail about different situations not to berate you, but to offer you a different view to the matter at hand. If I didn’t care about you, I would let you be, but because I care so much I offer my advice even when it’s not solicited…lol. I know sometimes my ways can come across as pretentious but if you know my heart you’ll always hear my intent.

It’s with a carefree spirit that I share the quirky side of myself with you, in fact you may even know somethings about me that others may never get the opportunity to know. I share that side of myself because I don’t want to hold false pretenses within our friendship. Sometimes I know I share things that for you, you much rather I would have kept them to myself…lol. Believe me, when I say them I know exactly when I’ve said too much, that’s the joys of friendship.

I’ve always set myself to make your time with me a pleasant experience one filled with good times, deep conversations and laughter. I've purposed in my heart to make the time we share a comfortable atmosphere, no judgment, and no rehash.

I love strong and I love hard, my friend you are important to me, remember the position you hold with me is precious, and it’s always in your hands to either cultivate it or neglect it. The choice is YOURS!!

Much Affection

Your Friend

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