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Black Sands

There is no space or time where my love has not gone. It has gone from the sun to the moon, from the sea to the ocean, from the east to the west.

It has gone to the dry places of the earth, to the wetlands of the swamps; it has found no rest other than the black sands of your heart.

There is where my love was comforted and was secured. It knew no boundaries, no pain, and no sorrow. It was growing and ever-flowing.

The black sand of your heart was where we met and made love like instruments. Every movement was with precision. Our hearts intertwined as one. A love bonded by time.

On the black sands of your heart, is where a new love affair began, from there it has grown to a new existence, a form unlike another. No one knows the shape or size, but from the black sands of your heart was its origin.

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