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Are You a Dreamer???

*Disclaimer-There’s no shade to anyone that has a solid 9 to 5, I have had them myself it’s an honest living and provides stability. So if you are still at your 9 to 5, great. I just want you to deep dive with me and ponder this thought.*

So I was listening to the radio and the caller was talking about her dreams and how she had been stuck at a job and really wanted to work for herself and run her own business. The radio host encouraged her to pursue her dreams and stop trying to talk herself out of a great opportunity. As I listened more I thought about the many times I sat on a job feeling depressed, bored and anxious. I was always wondering when I would ever follow my dreams. I always wanted to be an author and a household name. I looked forward to the day that people would recognize me in the streets, request my presence at their events. Due to the job I had I didn’t have time for creativity and freedom to explore my dreams. It wasn’t until I heard someone say “don’t ever allow a job make you feel like you need them” a mentor of mine once said “if you are going to be ruthless in business sometimes you got to be ready to walk away from the deal even when you don’t want too”.

In that moment I accepted the call from my dreams and began to make strides towards them, each day I did something towards making my dream of being a writer a reality. The more I gave into my wanting to be a writer the more I was consumed with the notion that this dream was on its way to manifesting. The more I focused on my dream the more being at a job seemed like a means to an end. When I think back to those days when I heard people talking about dreams it was never the CEO’s, Executive Directors and Presidents of companies and organizations. So that got me to thinking more are dreamers the only ones that are underpaid, overworked, non-appreciated, think about it when was the last time you heard a CEO say he/she always “dreamed” of anything?

I wondered could it be that they were comfortable with their posh lifestyles, they enjoyed having people to work for them? Or were they so bound by the perks and fringes of their high positions. Perspective? Maybe I don’t know, however what I do know is that I’m a dreamer and I never stopped just think if I had not pursued my dream I would not be here with the many Storm Chasers I have reading, supporting my work.

So I ask you, are you a dreamer and if yes is the answer to that question then you continue to dream and make every day purposeful and productive until you see your dreams manifest. Today is your day to answer the call of your dreams. Think about it.

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