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Storm Jennings is an Author & Authentic Conversationalist serving as a catalyst to help people get back to living, loving and laughing again in their relationships. Storm was born in the nation's capital Washington, DC to loving parents that provided her with a moral and spiritual foundation.

While in high school Storm wrote for newsletters and the school newspaper. Her passion for writing continued to grow into a hobby and into a love affair with words. Storm is an alumna of Maryland & Salisbury Universities. While in college Storm wrote for several professors and their anthologies. Her writing has matured past a hobby into self-expression that has brought healing, joy and entertainment to many. 


She has written for over three decades and has received many accolades for her writing. She was a featured guest speaker at the SPEAC for Him Faith Nation and on the Keenya Kelly Show.  In between writing her latest and greatest works, Storm enjoys being with her family and friends. She is an avid supporter of "love work" she enjoys volunteering in her community and with her local church.


She is a Godmother of three amazing children affectionately known as "her three hearts". Storm continues to write and have conversations that are causing a new wave of freshness and development to relationships, through her words and conversations she hopes that you begin to find the help you need to heal, love, and laugh again.


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